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Welcome to Ike Comics' blog

Updated: Mar 18

I decided that it is high time to start a blog. There have been questions about my process over on YouTube that I haven't been able to answer by video yet, that are probably better answered in a blog format. So here we go!

You can expect me to post weekly or biweekly about writing, coloring, printing, drawing, what I'm studying or learning about, and even my thoughts on the mindset of creating.

I encourage you to subscribe to for updates on my blog and all the other great webcomics, blogs, forums, groups, and events we have. If you join our website, by making an account, then you'll be able to join conversations in the forum and comment on posts--and please do comment! I'd be happy to have some conversation on these posts. If you have any issues with the site, contact our team at

Watch for my first blog entry this week about coloring and why I changed the colors to issue two (which are now updated to the new colors on the webcomic).

Peace out,



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