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The Pen Clique

The Pen Clique is a monthly live-art show that is now on Season 4.

How it works

Artists are given an episode's prompt ahead of time so that they can design and execute their idea. An example of a prompt would be to draw yourself as a kaiju (as in the Season 3 finale). Some prompts are generated by our community, viewers, hosts, or The Pen Clique members collectively. The clique members vary by episode and range from 5 to 12 in number, but we have many regularly-occuring members throughout the show's three seasons. Live on the show, the clique members share about their process from concept to finished work and show off their final design. It's fun and inspiring to see what they come up with and how they are growing as artists by being in the clique.

You can watch the show live and we try to share many comments live on the show as they come in on Facebook and Youtube (our main platforms for streaming the episodes). All previous episodes are available to watch on the Clever Kaiju YouTube channel.

The hosts

How to join The Pen Clique

If you are interested in joining The Pen Clique, we suggest you begin by joining the Clever Kaiju discord community and getting involved in the challenges, virtual meetings, and community there. We also encourage you to submit art for an episode (instructions below). To join The Pen Clique as a member, appearing in episodes, is done by invitation only but we watch our Discord community and The Pen Clique art submissions for potential candidates on a regular basis.

How to submit art that may be featured on an episode

At the end of an episode, we love to share a few pieces of art submitted by artists or aspiring artists that are fans of the show or a part of the Clever Kaiju Discord community. You can submit art for an upcoming episode. Follow us on Facebook or on our Discord server to see what the upcoming prompt will be and then, at least 48 hours before the episode airs, email us at with (1) a link to an image file of your art submission; (2) your name; (3) a link to your website, portfolio, or social media account (if you so desire); and (4) you must include the text below per the instructions below.

Copy this text into your email to confirm that you agree to the submission guidelines. If you do not state this in your email then your submission will not be looked at! Also, remember to submit it at least 48 hours before the episode airs to ensure we have time to review it and include it in the episode.

"I am at least 18 years of age. The attached or linked image is solely my own artwork and I own the rights to it. No portion of the attached or linked image has been generated, altered, or affected by an AI generative tool. I understand that by submitting my artwork there is no guarantee that it will appear on an episode and its inclusion is at the discretion of The Pen Clique. Clever Kaiju and The Pen Clique may share, present, and publish my submission as they see fit on the show and on any of their associated platforms (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and their website)."

Our sponsors

Playco Games

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the show, just reach out to us at

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