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2) Join the website

Create a login and profile to join the discussion and the other members of our website. We welcome everyone to connect this way: readers, fans, artists, and all.

3) Engage in the Forum

After you create a profile/login on our site, you can engage in discussions on the forum, see member-only events, follow and message other site members, and comment on webcomics and blogs.

4) Join the Discord

If you are an artist and you want to get totally plugged into the discussions and virtual meetings, join our Discord. A lot happens there!

5) Become a full-on Clever Kaiju Member

This isn't for everyone and that is okay; we are happy to have you either way. If you are an artist and a creator or freelancer, and you want to be featured in our member bios, webcomics & blogs, or store, and get all the perks and access of a full member, then do steps 1-4 above and then contact us at:

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