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First Son and Sword: 2

Updated: 3 days ago

Episode 2 in the ongoing series. In progress. © Isaac Crawford 2024

Sword falls ill with an infection from his injury while Farah risks everything to obtain precious medicine in the bustling port city of Manniban, where a new threat emerges: Kurak the Maneater!

In this exciting fantasy adventure series by Ike Crawford, a mercenary and his apprentice traverse an ancient world full of secrets and sorcery, with a young boy as their charge, a boy who is believed to be a descendant of the mythic First Peoples. After their kind had faded into legend, the kingdoms of men achieved great prosperity. This is when the lizardmen crawled up from the recesses of the earth to take it all for themselves, plunging the world into a 200 year long dark age. Will Sword and Farah be able to protect and train up the boy to deliver the world of men from its oppressors, or will the emperor, Lord Zar, consume the boy and become unstoppable?


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