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First Son & Sword 1: Crocodile City

Updated: Nov 25

This book is in progress: new page every Sunday. (c) 2023 Isaac Crawford

This is the first episode of First Son and Sword, a new sword and sorcery comic. Son is a 10 year-old boy who is said to be a descendant of the mythical First Peoples. Legend has it, he will save humanity from their lizard-man overlords and the monstrosities that plague the three lands. Of course, the Lizard King will be scouring the cities and countryside for him and his new guardian, the famed and deadly Sword, a devout practitioner of his most deadly art. With the help of Sword's apprentice, Farah, First Son and Sword must travel the three lands and beyond in search of respite and the power to fulfill the prophecy. Updates every Sunday. Read the webcomic here and watch Ike's process making the comic on YouTube.

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