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Greater than the sum of our arts.

We are more than just a production studio.

  • Artist community

Hosting virtual and in-person events that foster community, educate, and promote the arts; sharing knowledge and supporting each other in our business endeavors and artistic development; providing a platform to share and sell our work.

  • Indie publishing house

With a curated online art/book store, a platform for webcomics made by our members, a publisher of books and other work by our members. We are committed to artists keeping the earnings and the rights to their work. Check out our webcomics, artstore, and bookstore.

  • Freelance production studio

Specializing in animation, illustration, and logo design. We draw on a wide range of skills and styles and hire from within our community whenever possible and use a member-led structure that fosters transparency, fair contracts, and living wages for our community.

Field trips

Our services.

  • Animation branding/proof-of-concept packages

  • Storyboards

  • Logo design

  • Animated logos

  • Animated comic book trailers

  • Pixel art and sprites

  • Book covers and illustrations

  • Comic book art

Our story.

From a support group to a growing community.

In 2019, we started a weekly brunch for visual artists. Our backgrounds varied from comic books to animation but we were finding common ground and opportunities to help each other. We realized we were developing a vibrant community, something we all craved and we knew was sorely needed. Growing and developing the community became our mission. We formed an official group, run by Ike Crawford, James Rutherford, Nate Howard, and Gary Bedell. We started doing events and workshops, a live art-show called The Pen Clique, and a Discord community with international participation. Collaborating on freelance work led to starting the production studio and hosting webcomics for our members led to the publishing house. The Kaiju keeps growing and taking over.

We all share leadership roles and the work behind-the-scenes. We run both the community and the studio, making decisions as a team. On a given project, anyone one of us may take the lead, depending on our strengths.

Meet the Founders.

The Pen Clique

A monthly live art show, several years' running and full of talented artists that take on the prompt of the month. The show is invitation-only but you can submit your art for the prompt and we will pick some to show at the end of the live episode, and may even invite you to join the clique.

Webcomics & Blogs

Check out our regularly-updated webcomics and the digital archive of comic books made by Clever Kaiju members. We also host art blogs by our members full of ideas, techniques, and behind-the-scenes stuff.

Community Activities


Art, books, and merch by our community.

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