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Lying In The Shadows

Updated: 2 days ago

Part One: Detective Consuela Ramirez and her partner Detective T. Rogers are faced with their toughest case yet. After several shocking incidents, Ramirez and Rogers believe there is a serial killer on the loose. Can the detectives catch the killer in time before they claim their next victim?

Lying In The Shadows is a murder mystery with a sprinkle of drama and a dash of suspense written and illustrated by Josh Meador.

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Ike Crawford
Ike Crawford
Mar 16

Nice start to the story! How and when to jump from scene to scene is always a challenge and you made bold, great choices that get to the point in fewer pages. I like the "perspective", too. A lot of comics (and movies) have a similar feel to the perspective (the distance of the camera from the characters/actors, from shot to shot), but classic films relied more on blocking, and more wide and medium shots. Your choices remind me of that. And with the intro/flashforward having more tilts and dynamic close ups, there's a transition in the feel from that to the rest. Many comics just rely on color to indicate a change (the all-too-common sepia-toned back story, for example)…

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