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Our story.

From a support group to a thriving community.

It started with a small idea in 2019, a small decision to start a Sunday brunch for artists. Our backgrounds varied from comic books to animation but we were finding common ground and opportunities to help each other. We realized what we were doing was sorely needed and had the potential to grow and help artists exponentially. We formed an official group, run by Ike Crawford, James Rutherford, Nate Howard, and Gary Bedell. We started doing events and workshops, a live art-show called The Pen Clique, and developed a Discord community. All the pieces fell into place as we continued to construct this behemoth: a studio where we collaborate on bigger projects, a webcomics platform, Youtube, a publishing house-----the Kaiju keeps growing and taking over.

Meet the founders

Our Mission.

Encourage. Support. Inspire.

Clever Kaiju is a creator-led movement to integrate self-publishing, freelancing, and studio projects into one super organism. Our purpose is to enable artists to do their best work and help audiences, clients, and artists connect in more fulfilling ways.

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