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  • Spring Pt. 1- Episode 3

    Bonus post- because it's been so long! God, the first few times I drew Elliott were always... interesting. Crazy how much improvement has happened since I drew these panels!

  • Spring Pt. 1- Episode 1

    I'm so sorry you guys. My summer job at the grocery store has been whooping me hard- but I found the energy today to post.

  • You Simp: Spring- Pt. 1 Introduction, Con't.

    I started this project a little over a year ago when I was a freshman in college. It is interesting to me to see how my art has changed, and how I have improved. You as the reader may notice some discrepancies in style and the faces. I have chosen not to edit these because I see it as a marker of progress made.

  • You Simp: Spring Pt. 1- Introduction

    Book in Progress: Updates every other Saturday Written, Illustrated and colored by Hanne Cread "You Simp" is a romantic, slice-of-life fanfiction based off the hit game Stardew Valley. However, you don't need to play the game to understand the comic! ​ The narrative follows Heidi as she moves to the rural community of Stardew Valley to begin a new life farming. Little does she know, there is much more to this tiny town than meets the eye!

  • Chapter One: The Crimson Butcher

    This book is in progress. Story/Art by Muzi Nkosi Synopsis: The journey begins here. Jacob arrives at a vampire captain's fort and wishes to slay him in order to test his new power after centuries of training. Let the battle begin!

  • First Son & Sword 1: Crocodile City

    This book is in progress: new page every Sunday. (c) 2023 Isaac Crawford This is the first episode of First Son and Sword, a new sword and sorcery comic. Son is a 10 year-old boy who is said to be a descendant of the mythical First Peoples. Legend has it, he will save humanity from their lizard-man overlords and the monstrosities that plague the three lands. Of course, the Lizard King will be scouring the cities and countryside for him and his new guardian, the famed and deadly Sword, a devout practitioner of his most deadly art. With the help of Sword's apprentice, Farah, First Son and Sword must travel the three lands and beyond in search of respite and the power to fulfill the prophecy. Updates every Sunday. Read the webcomic here and watch Ike's process making the comic on YouTube.

  • We are Inside a Worm

    The world has been eaten and a young couple is trying to find a way to live and love in these hard and hopeless times. Comment on modern society? Tragic love story? Who knows. It doesn't matter because the world is slowly being digested by a worm. This is a stand-alone book with 21 pages of story. (c) 2022 Isaac Crawford. Parental discretion is advised.

  • Link Invalid

    Experiences are bought, sold, and shared world-wide in this weird, near-future one-shot comic book. Dominic is a 1990's-style taxi driver serving nostalgic customers when a head-on collision results in his death and inexplicable spontaneous recovery. Despite offers and attempts to upload his experience, he resists and perhaps the experience itself does. 23 story pages. (c) 2022 Isaac Crawford. Parental discretion is advised.

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